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The origins of Banda Municipal de Villena go back to the last century, more concretely to the year 1850, in which already convincing documents of the existence of the same are observed, and where it is stated that in 1856 the boy Ruperto Chapí at the age of five years entered as pupil. Later position was made of the direction of this formation, that was called “New Music”, in the 1867, with only 15 years.

The first existing Banda Municipal in Villena appears in 1889 under the direction of the Murcian young person of 21 years D. Francisco Díaz Romero, obtaining the first prize in the contest of Alcoy in 1891. After several years of instability, in 1919, villenero D. Francisco Bravo García becomes position of the School of Music. With boys all of them very young, the 5 of September of 1922 officially go out present Banda Municipal de Villena interpreting for such event the pasodoble “the Entrance”, composed for this occasion, of also villenense Quintín Esquembre.

In September of 1939, and once finalized the Civil War, Manuel Carrascosa García arrives at Villena teacher D., being appointed Director of the School and Banda Municipal, of whom he showed the position during 39 years, until 1978, securing two second prizes in the contests celebrated in Elche and Almansa, and three first prizes in the provincial contest of Alicante.

To the retirement of the teacher Carrascosa different directors have happened him, until in June of 2003 present director D took the relief. Pedro Ángel López Sánchez, until then musical from Banda Municipal de Villena, having obtained the third Prize in the Contest of Bands of Field of Criptana of 2004.

Banda Municipal de Villena is made up mainly of young people trained in the Professional Conservatory of Music of the same city. He is possible to emphasize that he is the only “nonprofessional” Banda Municipal who he has lasted in the time in all the Valencian Community.



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