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The Celebrations of the Medievo are framed in the Rabal: an Arab district of narrow streets and old houses, where we found musicians, juggling, falconry, magicians, goalkeepers, tragafuegos, teachers of the chess, theater of street and an endless ones of gratuitous activities for all the public.

Between these acts, they emphasize the Medieval Weddings: this year several pairs will contract marriage on the feet of the Castillo of the Watchtower, something only in Europe, with grooms and invited dresses in fashion of the Medievo.

Another one of the magical moments is the Procession of Antorchas, where hundreds of people at night cross the streets from the district to the rate of the drum, finalizing with a concert of Gaelic music next to the walls of Castillo.

All this great event is realised around the Medieval Market of Villena and that counts on more than 160 positions arrived from all the points of Spain. These offer the most attractive merchandise: exquisite positions of feeding with viandas, varied crafts (jewellery, ornaments, imitation jewellery, arms, ceramics,…) and by all means traditional tascas, where to feel to you as an authentic companion at table of the Middle Ages.

To the previous thing it is necessary to add the dances of bigheaded giants and, the painting factories mural, the medieval attractions for children, the animal of farm, the strolls in donkey or the parades of ocas, among others.

The Celebrations of the Medievo are organized by the own neighbors of the district of the Rabal to promote the Historical Helmet of Villena, declared Bien de Interés Cultural. This fact distinguishes them of any other medieval market, because the own neighbors get dressed and decorate houses and streets to the purest style of the time.



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