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Cultural and tourist Villena
Cultural and tourist aspects of the city.
  I connect Web Accesses
  Link   The Way of the Cid
Web on the Way of the Cid, that in its passage by the province of Alicante, crosses Villena.
  Link   Medieval market of Villena
Medieval market of the Rabal de Villena. It enters the Web and it consults the schedules and accesses to the complete programs of celebrations.
  Link   Hermitage of Las Cruces
Web on the missing hermitage of Las Cruces.
  Link   Katakí bajoka
Blog with information on Villena. Cultural, villeneros events in the world, contests, postal of Villena…
  Link   The Villena Link
In this blog they appear related files to Villena and its geographic surroundings, as well as of others lugarés of interest. Historical events of the present time and, local curiosities, works of investigation…
  Link   Association of Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods of Easter of Villena
This Web is dedicated so much to cofrades as public generally of the city of Villena, as well as to visitors who wish to know the celebrations Easter of this municipality of Alicante.
  Link   Group of Choirs and Dances of Villena
History, components, activities, articles…
  Link   Conservatory of Music of Villena
Web of the Professional Conservatory of Music of Villena.
  Link   University headquarters of Villena
Headquarters of the University of Alicante in Villena. Cultural activities, academic programming…
  Link   Municipal foundation “Jose Mª Soler”
Created to preserve and to administer the legacy that left to the city illustrious villenense D. José Mª Soler, in addition to taking to end other tasks of cultural nature.
  Link   House of the Culture of Villena
Web of the House of the Culture of Villena. You can consult the agenda of events of the next months, make a virtual visit to his facilities or consult the news related to the cultural world of the city.
  Link   Easter in Villena
Interesting Web dedicated to the festival of the Easter in the city. You will find the news, information on the brotherhoods, posters, etc.
  Link   Council of Tourism of Villena
Guía de Villena, tourist information, the news…
  Link   Villena: bells, bell founders and I touch
Interesting Web where recordings take shelter of bell towers of Villena, as well as an inventory of the bells of the locality.
  Link   Museum of the Earthenware pitcher
The Museum of the Earthenware pitcher of Villena sets out an interesting deprived collection of don Pablo Castelo Villaoz, otherwise of a thousand of unit worldwide.
  Link   Museum Sculptor Navarro Santafé
The museum, spreading, the news, collection, schedule, etc
  Link   Archaeological museum Jose Mª Soler
Museum of noticeable interest that allows to establish an historical route of the region of the Vinalopó Stop. Account with especially excellent pieces as the fabulous set of the Treasure of Villena, the prehistoric materials of the Cabezo Redondo, the Pu
  Link   Chapí theater
Web of the Theater Chapí de Villena. Programming, facilities, sale of entrances…
  Link   Villena Tells me
The history of Villena in photographies.
  Link   Outline Photographs
Outline Photography is a sociological initiative that reflects and tries to shape all the artistic patrimony and that surrounds to us. Our monuments, traditions, celebrations… being shaped on photographies all our reality as towns.


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