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Commerces and companies related to the world of the celebrations of Moors and Christians.
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  Link   Drums & C? a
Percussions, groups of percusi? n, batucada, percusi? n for everything. Percusi? n for celebrations of Moors and Christians, boatos, captain? ace. Batucada for deprived celebrations, events, parades. Percusi? n & house music.
  Link   Brigands
Design, preparation and rent of suits for squares of smugglers.
  Link   Addict Make Up
Marisa Ceba, professional, advisory make-up artist of image and stylist. All type of makes-up.
  Link   Sinaia Marketing
Solutions of marketing.
  Link   Samb'acho Batucada
Samba, batucada, percussion Afro-Brazilian.
  Link   The Factory of the Rose - Crafts in skin
Article store online of crafts in skin. Medieval accessories, hats, caps, patucos…
  Link   Istanbul - the Bazaar Of the Festero
Articles and accessories for the celebrations of Moors and Christians, accessories for dance of the belly, imitation jewellery, gifts, decoration. Chilabas, caftans, robes, baggy, vests, slippers, daggers, purses, handkerchiefs for the hip, Mon belts
  Link   Sound equipments Angel
Company of rent of equipment of sound and illumination for all type of events. We make its available movable discotheques, celebrations of the foam, videoproyecciones, etc.
  Link   Pin Pan Pun
On sale dedicated Web of t-shirts. Special section of t-shirts on Villena, the celebrations, the puppets…
  Link   Creu i the Lluna Artesans
Preparation, sale and rent of suits for Moors and Christians, coats of mail, metals, imitation jewellery, special suits of position and squares, OWN MANUFACTURE.
  Link   Square of Abbasies - Suits Moors and Christians
Escuadra de Abbasies de Villena (Alicante) presents the best models to him of suits for the celebrations of Moors and Christians, as much for boy, gentleman and lady.
  Link   Group of Dulzainas and Percusión Abdala
Musical group of Elda, activities, activities and data of contact.
  Link   Brother floats Lopez
Construction and rent of floats for Moors and Christians, Carnivals, Kings…
  Link   Ropería Ximo
Rent of suits for celebrations of Moors and Christians, captainships, cavalcades, boatos and Reyes Magos.
  Link   Ballet Ontinyent Masters
Spectacles and ballets for celebrations of Moors and Christians from 1988.
  Link   The Molinar
Alcoy. Rent of suits for Moors and Christians, captainships, boatos and cavalcade of kings. Accessories for celebrations.
  Link   Almorávides
Company dedicated to the rent and sale of suits of Moors and magical Christians and kings.
  Link   Spanish Artistic resins
Gifts of company. Art. of special promotion. Specialists in festeros works. Composition in: busts, pictures and figures. Trophies and commemorative plaques. Low reliefs.
  Link   Cars of Foc
Floats for all type of parades. Scenery and stage scenes, works of artistic creation.
  Link   Floats the Llombo
Parades decorative celebrations, elements, rent.
  Link   The Jaima
Rent and manufacture of suits of special squares.
  Link   Manuel Díaz Artesano
We offer services in complementary special works, in metal and wood for squares you dwell and Christians, boatos, flagmen, turbans, helmets, arms, shields, passages of Easter, Kings, etc…
  Link   Clara Pérez Artesanos
Gold parchments, standards and silver, enamels to the fire, decorative arms, trophies, commemorative plaques, heraldic shields…
  Link   Crafts “the Red one”
Arms of arquebus factory: Arquebuses, Trabucos and Espingardas. Everything in metals and accessories for the celebration of Moors and Christians.


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