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Services to the tourism
Hostings, bars, restaurants and services of interest for the tourism.
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  Link   The Ball - rural Camping
Camping Ball, a place of diversion in the middle of the nature in which you will be able to live to your ball. A place of rural, familiar and calm tourism. Concerts and music in direct, parcels for roulottes, parcels for campervans, wood cabins
  Link   It cross
Company of tourist and cultural services of the Vinalopó Stop. Urban routes, thematic routes (arquelógicas, castles…), environmental activities (routes, factories, visits…), stays in youth hostels, mountain activities, activities compl
  Link   Cafeteria Pub Master's
They see enjoy your group friendly and your people, in a nice atmosphere where you will be able to find the best music of the moment. Daily lunches, canes, coffees, glasses and cocktails.
  Link   Rural house Miramontes
The house of Miramontes is in the place known as “the Fuentecilla”. To only four kilometers of the municipality of Villena.
  Link   Yago house
Mediteranea kitchen, enters our relaxed atmosphere and enjoys our food.
  Link   Rescuing hotel Restaurant
Located in center of Villena. 75 years on watch to the regional tourism and the local company. Cooking tradition of Villena and new kitchen Of Alicante.
  Link   Warynessy restaurant
Native prescriptions, service of quality, gastronomical week “Villenerías”…
  Link   House of the Solicitor
Rural house in the Mountain range of Salt mines.


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