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The popular phrase “Day 4 that Goes” makes reference to the eve of the Celebrations of Moors and Christians of Villena.

Until the Sixties, the celebrations began day 5 of September in the morning with the Celebration of the Pasodoble, and was in that decade when pregón of celebrations was added. For that reason, day 9, after dismissing the Virgin in the morning and to celebrate the entrance of New Captains and Lieutenants; and the interchange of bands, in the evening, people shelp popularly “day 4 that outside”, thus expressing its desire of which the celebrations began that same day again, that is to say, that did not finish.

They opposed therefore the joy of day 4, that is to say, the eve of the celebrations, to the sadness of day 9, since this last one was for the festeros the saddest day of the year. In the Sixties one began to celebrate the concert of day 4, and in 1970, just created Together Power station of Celebrations it instituted denominated then “Cena Homenaje to the Woman”, so that day 4 thus became the first day of the Celebrations.

After dinner and the concert, the fireworks castle went off from the station. The popular phrase served to denominate the monthly bulletin that began to publish the Central Meeting from its creation in 1971. 

In 1984, the same Central Meeting began to also publish an extraordinary number of the month of September, that has become the Magazine of Celebrations par excellence of our city.

Their beginnings were humble, but soon it was extending his contents and little by little it went turning into an authentic magazine of Celebrations with three or four hundreds of pages and one wealth and variety of contents that include all the aspects of the villenenses Celebrations, of their puppets, their squares, the Central Meeting, the Meeting of the Virgin, the bands and the collaboration of many authors with their articles of investigation or spreading on the festero theme.

It is the Magazine of Celebrations with more throwing of whatever are published in the festero scope, with 3,500 units, although in the past decades they were gotten to print up to 7.000.

The popular phrase “day 4 that outside”, also has been used as title of a pasodoble composed by Alberto Pardo Caturla and with letter of Francisco Hernández Hurtado, who the bands of the puppet of New Moors, every year interpret in the Place of Santiago day 9 of September with all the festeros of that puppet marching past around the place.

It serves as end of the celebration of the puppet of New Moors, to lack only of the interchange of bands and the prize, in the balconies of the House of the Festero, in the same Place of Santiago.

Día Cuatro who outside

and pasao, pasao,…

Girl, gorgeous you are today.

I enamorao,

the villeneras, baby, the villeneras,

me “they tien” chiflao

Moor ow, Moor, Moor


flat gold and suit of,

that roisterer.

A whole year dreaming in day Five

and it has already arrived,…

Día Cuatro who outside

and pasao, pasao.



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