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The denominated Treasure of Villena shows the rich historical past which it enjoyed the city. A king could belong or hierarch of the zone, in any case, is one of the more important golden findings of the European prehistory.

The December of 1963 a gold bracelet of half kilo of weight, was found of fortuitous form between sands of a work that was carried out in a lot of Villena. Found out the Director the Museum, don José María Soler, it excavated the place from where those earth came: the Boulevard of the Baker, in the Mountain range of the Morrón, a place near Villena. There one was buried in a hole a container whose interior contained a great Treasure made up of sixty gold pieces of 23.5 carats, in its majority earthen bowls, bracelets, bottles, next to three bottles of silver, an iron bracelet, an iron closing with gold adornments and a button of amber and gold. Altogether, a set of almost ten kilos of gold and more than six hundred grams of silver that has an antiquity of 3,000 years.
The nonexistence of archaeological rest in the environs causes that the interpretations on their meaning are diverse. The treasure could belong to a King or some Hierarch who hid it by some unknown reason. With respect to their interpretation several hypotheses exist, some the relacionana with the patrimony of a rich family, others consider that it can be a feminine dowry, or a gold accumulation of some goldsmith.
Of also accidental form, the call Tesorillo de Cabezo Redondo was in April of 1963, whose name comes from the hill where it was. This appraised lot was formed by 35 gold pieces that to a large extent are elements for the personal adornment as a diadem, ring, bracelets, pendants, accounts of necklace, spirals, cintillas and a small ingot of gold, which altogether they add 150 gr. of gold.

These important findings come to confirm the existence of a very rich cultural center in the villenense region, that has shown the high degree of refinement reached about the Levantine hierarches of the Age of the bronze.
Both treasures conserve in the Archaeological Museum Jose María Soler de Villena.

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