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To the 1 in the afternoon.

ACT TRIBUTE TO the FESTEROS PASSED AWAY in the Place of Santiago. There will be safe of arquebus factory by the captains and rotation of flags by the lieutenants of the puppets. At the same time a bugle touch will be realised from the balconies of the headquarters of the Central Meeting of Celebrations and a writing in honor to the deceased festeros and festeras will be read. Also, the banner of the Virgin will be present in the act, who will show from the lateral door of the Church of Santiago. 

To 7 in the afternoon.

GREAT CONCERT by Banda de Música de Villena, in the Chapi Theater.

To 10 at night.

Dinner of festera fraternity in the premises of the puppets.

To 1 of the dawn.

Fireworks Castillo that will be shot from the Castillo of the Watchtower. Next situated verbenas in the customary one.