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ImageThe Puppet of Students of Villena is as old as the same Celebrations. At least, than it cannot be doubt to anybody is that our Puppet appears almost at the same moment that the Celebrations of Moors and Christians of Villena.

Without putting in lands historical-scientists to us, one settles down according to the oral tradition, that the foundation of the Puppet dates approximately from 1845. Indeed it is difficult to need with absolute certainty, because during second half of the XIX, the upheavals that the nineteenth-century society undergoes are also seen reflected in which it affects to the Celebrations.

The first components were people who represented all at that time socio-economic layers: Nobles, landowners, rentistas, retailers, craftsmen and day laborers.

Since the end of the XIX until the Twenties, the Puppet crosses a very poor period as far as importance, being in its rows men of really humble condition.

Finally, in the middle of the decade of the happy Twenties, the Puppet is re-floated by an injection of new sap, a group of young people of rich position who in cooperation with the old students begin to write with gold letters the History of the Puppet: they contribute the new uniform, they adjust the economy and they engrosan the rows in a period that we can prolong until the Civil War. Finalized this, the push of our Puppet continues unstoppable: Parades in block, Troy and the Troyica, Cavalcades, Retreats, festivals… and with the thread of the celebration of our Anniversary CL in 1995 we arrived at the present time, being almost two thousands of souls with capacity for people of all class and condition.


The complete uniformity at individual level and concerning set, is one of the characteristics most characteristic of the Puppet of Students. This is taken much more there of the topical question which the Puppet of Students lacks special squares, allegorical, boatos groups and others. This maximum degree in the uniformal homegeneidad arrives until the end in which until the ends they dress exactly as the rest of the troops. Everything in white on black, in Celebrations all we are equal.

In fact from the modification of the official suit in the Twenties, never one has touched of the uniform nor a thread; saving the enriching contribution of the feminine official uniform.

Another element that often draws attention of the profane one, is the symbolism of the wood spoon. All over the novel of centuries XVI and XVII, essentially in the sort of the picaresque one, we found exceeded samples of the important thing that it was for the students to take a spoon by hand. Normally, in the houses of meals he was economic to eat if they wore the place setting. So that until in the oldest photographies of the Puppet, in which it is possible to be verified that the weapon to the use was the arquebus, we can also observe that the Students already took their respective spoons caught in the bicorne, to the use of those students of the Century of Gold.



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