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It is the take-night of a day of half-full (possibly the 15) of August of year 1939. It is fulfilled the healthy custom to meet in ¨El Paseo¨ to enjoy leisure and social gathering awhile with friends. By its proximity the theme that prevails in the majority of the groups is the one of CELEBRATIONS. In one of these groups or rocks they are, among others, Joaquín López Llacer, Alberto Pardo, José García Galbis, Pedro Hernández Hurtado and Pablo Castelo Villaoz who go after to have attended, as guests, to a General Meeting with the Puppet of Students whom they tried to enter, but when verifying that they were going to them to be the Celebrations more expensive than his particular budgets they allowed and animated them by the wine ingested in the Together referred one, choose to study the possibility simultaneously of founding a new Puppet that is to them economic, and, to enjoy a certain autonomy. Among them past times and, mainly, the memory of the intention recall that they had in 1935 to found the Puppet of Pirates, that was not carried out because of the interruption that supposed the civil war. Thus the idea arises to give fulfillment to that one sleepy project, decide to take it upon maturity and to structure the new Puppet definitively.
Everything is difficulties: not uniform has defined, time that lacks for celebrations is little, not are sufficient in I number and if we add the economic and material means shortage that are suffered at this moment, seems impossible that the noticeable intention can be followed. Then two factors arise in all of them and with great intensity that will do possible to take to happy term so wished project: the persistence that all put and youth to him, always unsatisfied, that in them overflows. With these ingredients any intention can be obtained. There is desire and spirit. One immediately begins to work to save all the difficulties. They meet in ¨el pino¨ of the kiosk of the Parterre, where Joaquín López presents several designs of suit of Pirate, of many whom he takes facts for several years, since he has great ability and much liking by the drawing, as the salary it are deserving to the Prize of the Contest summoned by the Club of Villena Soccer demonstrates it to give a shield to the Equipment. Among them they choose, (according to affirmation of the own Joaquin) the last one who have realised. Near them is the Mayor, D. Antonio Martínez, and take the opportunity to set out the idea to him, to which Mr. Alcalde responds to them inviting to them to attend the meeting of the Commission of Celebrations that is had to celebrate on the following day and before which is to set out desire to form a new Puppet. On the following day they appear before the Commission of Celebrations, presided over by the Lieutenant of Mayor D. Juan Hernández Hernández, set out its pretension and they present the corresponding request of admission of the Puppet of Pirates in the context of the Celebrations. The Commission doubts the admission because it sees serious objections so that the request is approved, between which emphasize: the pressure of time, the site to occupy in the parades, the increase of subsidy budget (that supposes some three thousand pesetas), and others look for, between which it emphasizes the uncertainty that the Puppet arrives at the Inner door, dice the jovial character of his components. After long and discussion lasts, in which the different members from the Commission use all type of strategies to avoid the approval, ends her Mr. Presidente, D. Juan Hernández, with the phrase: ¨Pero, groups of comrades, to these kids who now dares to deny nothing to them. We are going to approve the request to them as quieren¨. And thus it is approved.

One pays attention to the order of parades to go behind the Students, to belong to the Christian side and the commitment is acquired to complete the Entrance with the guarantee from which the Puppet will arrive at the Inner door. We have already entered the second fortnight of August reason why it is precise to work and enthusiasm quickly. The first disadvantage is in the little number of components of just founded Puppet. It is necessary search more members. Then it is when Juan Manuel Lucas Conca points the idea to invite to another friendly rock that usually meets in the Bar of the Uncle Pepe ¨El Cafetero¨. Welcome willingly the idea, is directed towards the Place of the Roll and, after buying in the stop of ¨Bombo¨ a melon, they appear in the mentioned Bar and they share with the other rock ideas, projects, illusions and, of course, the melon just acquired. After awhile of social gathering, united the two ¨peñas¨, decides to live the more intensely possible next Celebrations in compensation to the ups and downs suffered during the three previous months. In this way it is the formal commitment of twenty safe components and the possibility of increasing the number in some more, than by indecision or not to be presents at this moment, do not occur as definitive. That possibility becomes reality and the Puppet of Pirates is constituted by the following partners:

JOAQUIN LOPEZ LLACER (greater pirate)
José Hernández (treasurer)

The partners are already certain. They start up and is much to do: Budget, to reunite necessary bottoms, search fabrics and materials for the preparation of the suits, lamppost, flag, float, music, tests, etc. The first income, without to have established quota some, obtain through some ¨besalamano¨ that Joaquín López Llacer (Squid) orders and signing ¨YO PIRATE MAYOR¨ makes arrive at the well-known friendly and to which is invited to them to that they help the new Puppet economically. The most generous contribution was of a splendid author and completely disinterested form, the one of D. José Rocher Tallada. The suit to being made quickly. Forces and on the part of Miguel Esquembre unfold, of the prestigious establishment that his father, Juan Esquembre, it has on the street Greater, provides crep-satin black necessary for the preparation of the shirts, white silk for the strips and, when not obtaining panilla that it was the initial idea, black golden purl velveteen for the trousers. All this takes to the factory sartorial of Andrés Hurtado who is in charge to make the first 23 suits of Pirate.
On the other hand, for the manufacture of the boots in ¨grupico¨ that they have trained Juan Manuel Lucas, José Cherro and Cheroni, Joaquín López moves to a warehouse of tannings of Elda, whose manager and good friend of Joaquin advise to him, by technical economy and problems, to reduce the only high and ample boots to, finished in battlements, since in the design they are of great ample return until the knees. The Flag, as all the others, to being simple, black fabric and the embroidered white skull in center, by the way, the embroidering of the flag and ¨vainica¨ of the strips is the responsibility of Dª. María Hurtado Martínez. The blessing of this first flag takes place in the chapel of the School of Hermanas Carmelite day 3 of September and is Godmother Rosaura Castelo, twins of the partner Pablo Castelo, of 3 years of age and to which familiarly ¨Cuqui¨ is called to him. The Lamppost designs and constructs it Agustín López Llacer, brother of Joaquin, who with wet cardboard models to a skull on two tibias and of which emanate flares by the ocular hollows and the mouth. Another difficulty to save is to engage Banda de Música, essential for the parades. Next she is the one of Gorge. There the Pirates go.

They are that he is agreed to with another Puppet, but finally they contract it by 1,500 pesetas and the lodging at home Pepe. In the contract he is pointed out that they must contribute two big drums, one for the band and the other for the use of the components of the Puppet. It is not necessary to have much imagination to know the state in that there is to return to Gorge the second big drum. In order to close the preparatory process and to be arranged to the great event, the Entrance, the Pirate and great artist Pepe Cortés Camarasa make the design of the Float, consisting of a galleon whose sides show three mouths of tube. The brothers are in charge to materialize this design ¨Culón¨ in the Gosálvez Garage on the chassis of an old truck. In the painting and embellishment of the Float all the partners take part almost, who take advantage of the afternoons to throw simultaneously of brush and of tintorro. The budget ascends to three thousand pesetas and nearly the effort in several afternoons and the money inverted in her goes away to the fret when day 4 at night several Pirates to the Losilla transfer it while they sing the following refrain: ¨ All the Pirates are some drunk, except the Potica, that is good muchacho¨.

Girls look for who are prepared to leave in her and accept the invitation:


Cuqui dresses a suit flat target and figure as a pearl of an enormous shell that is placed in the Float. The suit of these pretty girls consists of a white blouse, black skirt (quite short) to girones adorned with a skull embroidered in target and wraps blue. Ample black hats realised in Leovigildo hat shop cover their heads with some, that acquires by the preparation of the nine hats the amount of 50 pesetas. The boots prepare them the same girls with black cardboard and covered of crep-satin. Consequence of just finished fight very spread and practiced is a politico-social phenomenon: The Purification. Then, the founders give vent their good humor and caricature this phenomenon creating their own ¨depuración¨. It consists of ingesting each partner a liter of mistela, if possible of a drink. As they lack glasses of such capacity, they realise it in a bedpan that gives Querol Bazaar to them. First in ¨depurarse¨ he was, logically, the main Pirate, Joaquín López Llacer, who devoured the liter in three drinks. He followed José García Galvis to him who did it in two. And thus one after another one happened through the water purifier that was located in the Delegation of Press and Propaganda (Artistic Coffee) where they meet frequently to deal with subjects the Puppet. The great scare causes it Alberto Pardo who, when drinking it of a single drink, remained without breathing. It does not happen of a scare and ¨depuración¨ is finalized happily. They meet to try in the warehouse of Joaquín García, brother of the Captain of the Puppet, situated in the well-known Losilla and also as Warehouse of the Uncle Pepe Cerdán. Instead of to try evolutions for the parade they are dedicated to lower the level of one of the cones, something as well as two frowns. In the first official act of the Puppet, the Pasacalles of 1939, celebrates ¨repliega¨ with the other festeras associations.
And it arrives the 5 from September, the great day. One eats early. The nervousness is the dominant note, like the actors in its first opening. ¨función¨ is I aim to begin. The first fundamental act in the celebrations, the Entrance, has to be the definitive test that it marks to the character and the singularity of the new Puppet by his way of being and acting. They are the four in the afternoon, initiates the parade Distinguished Banda Municipal and they follow in the traditional order all the Puppets to him. The Students already leave and, to finally he corresponds them to leave to the Pirates. They do it in two rows, in front of them go two negritos, Salvador Postigo Ranea and Pepito Mira, with individual large chests and, of course, the Pirate Greater of Cabo de Gastadores. Next the band and last the Float with the ten mentioned young ladies previously, the Lieutenant and the Captain. Youth, the joy and the good one for were the Pirates give the suitable answer to the great sense of expectancy that has waked up in the public the new Puppet. Their evolutions during the route take rounds of applause of the spectators who wait for with anxiety the arrival of the neophytes of the Celebrations. Everything passes with normality until the Track when, around the street Azorín Parish priest, and without apparent cause, the oxen that drag the Float are frightened and attacked against the public while the two squares make filigrees before the house of Joaquin, whose father animates them saying to them that everything goes well. Don José Rocher Tallada leaves behind the wheelchair in which is her wife Doña Eulalia Pérez Marsá in the same mouth of the street Azorín Parish priest and help to the Calderón cowherd to dominate the oxen and to give back the tranquillity. But to the twenty or thirty meters it appears a festero of another mounted Puppet to horse. He requests themselves to him that he leaves the street and returns on the other, but he does not make case and he brings about one second stampede of the oxen. Shouts and fear on the part of the public and, mainly, of the girls who go in the Float which they ask to lower because very they are scared. In order to restore normality and to hold and to calm the oxen all the components of the Puppet go that are able to reduce yunta with arcabuzazos. Already restored the order, two police known by ¨El Caza¨ and ¨El Trimotor¨ appear those who, perhaps by the nervousness caused by the incidents and their temperament, faces Juan Manuel Lucas Conca by the insistence of those in accelerating the march of the Puppet. Consequently they take it lengthy and, when occurring account, Pedro Hernández Hurtado accompany to them to the located Commandant's office in the House of Amorós, where is Commander Jiménez to whom they explain the event to him leaving it in freedom at the moment. Meanwhile the rest of the Puppet refuses to continue marching past, although they stay marking the time, until the companions do not return, who do it around the House of Post office. This way it is trenched the subject and happily it finishes to the Entrance between the joy and the joy with which it had begun. The rest of the Celebrations is an incessant one to peregrinate from a side to another one, without leaving the suit neither at night nor by day. With jokes and trastadas, the majority of the partners does not sleep in their houses and spends the twenty-four hours of every day to enjoy to the maximum between anecdote and anecdote, as ¨guerra¨ that they gave in the Retreat with a donkey whose owner wanted to do with them what they had done with the pollino, or the transfer to pushes of the Float from the Inner door to the Door of Almansa, where escaped to them without being able to retain it and which luckily it did not have any type of misfortune.


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