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DATE INSCRIPTION CIVIL REGISTRY ASSOCIATIONS: 14 of January of 1987 (Law Associations 1964).

OLD AND MODERN DENOMINATIONS: Sailors (1884-1932; 1951-1956), Sailors of the Cicada (1943-1944), Admirals (1957-1959), Marinos Corsarios (1962 and to date).

HEAD OFFICE: - C. Third, n.º 1



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OFFICIAL BAND: Musical union of Benimodo.

MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS DEDICATED AND LIGATURES TO THE PUPPET: - Marinos Corsarios (Pasodoble, 1965, Author D. Manuel Carrascosa) - Centennial (Pasodoble, 1984, Author D. Antonio Ferriz Muñoz) - Kerrecle (Pasodoble, 1995, Author D. Antonio Milán Juan; dedicated to the end Juan Navarro Milán) - Caribbean (Pasodoble, 1996, Author D. Antonio Milán Juan; dedicated to the special square of the same name.) - Marinos Corsarios Offering (Pasodoble, 1998, Author D. Pedro Navarro Ruano) - Sones de Victoria (Christian March, 2005, Author D. Antonio Milán Juan; dedicated to the end Antonio Marruenda Ferrándiz) - Connection (Pasodoble, 2005, author Tomás Baenas Martínez, dedicated to the partner Francisco José Pascual Ruano) - ISA (Pasodoble, 2006, author D. Antonio Milán Juan, dedicated to the feminine end Isabel González Richard).

SPECIAL SQUARES: Special square of Caribbean (Year foundation 1965, Antonio Marruenda Ferrándiz end) - Special Square of Columbian (Year foundation 2000, María Martínez Sevilla end) - Special Square of Nereidas (Year foundation 1993. The last year in which the Nereidas desfi laron as it squares special was year 2002, with the Paquita Díaz Lázaro end).

The year of foundation is not known, although it is documented already in 1884 with the name of Sailors. Surely it was the result of the influence of the missing Filà Marine of Columbus de Alcoy. Its original denomination is the one of Sailors, who conserved until 1960, reappearing in 1963 with the present name. The first documentary reference to the Sailors is the one of the book of Zapater of 1884, as it happens with other puppets but, unlike them, does not exist no data that it indicates that they appeared long before that date.

Therefore, it had to appear not many years before 1884 and after 1868, since nonfigure in the document of that year. In 1957 another more luxurious suit is adopted, than it comes to be an retort of the official suit of the Marina Española, adorned with the corresponding gallons of the admiral position. Being lieutenant of mayor of José García Galbis celebrations, in 1959, the suit of Admiral was prohibited, along with the one of the Americans. In 1963 it changed his old name of Sailors by the present one, and did the same with his clothing.

Marinos Corsarios marches past for the first time in 1963 thanks to the tenacity of a man: Joaquín Marruenda Amorós, whom he asks for to the city council in 1960 gave to them of the participation in the celebrations to cross a crisis when changing the denomination and to begin from zero. But the tenacity prevails, and Marinos Corsarios the third villenense puppet is in 1963, with 160 salient partners.




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