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HEAD OFFICE: C. Teacher Moltó, 14 and cs. Very devout women Medina, 5


OFFICIAL BAND: Musical Protective society of Antella.

OWN MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS: “Fiftieth anniversary of the Andalusians” and “75 Anniversary of the Andalusians”


- It squares Luis Candelas
- It squares Grenadines


It marched past for the first time in 1923, by influence of Filá Contrabandistas de Alcoi. Antonio Ibáñez Abad, alcoyano settled down in Villena from 1921, went the one that brought to our city the puppet of Andalusians, counting on the effective collaboration of Joaquín Clement. Although in 1922 they did not ask for the permission to participate in the celebrations of the year following, when being celebrated that year the Coronation of the Virgin was asked for gives it of being able to integrate itself without more delay, than it was granted, doing that, with rented suits of Alcoi, at the entrance of 1923, the Andalusians would go out.

In 1928 the puppet had 36 effective partners, in 1942 there are 38, and in the slow but continuous ascending line in 1961 already they are 54, and in 1973 they arrive at 85. Number that bent in one decade surpassing the 170 partners at the end of the Eighties. The incorporation of the woman as of 1988 was massive in this puppet, composing it at the moment more than 1400 partners.

The act of the Contraband is characteristic of this puppet from its foundation. The Contraband took place between the puppets of Andalusians and Sailors in afternoon of day 7, when coming out of the bull run, towards half of “the Wide” street (at the moment Reconciled of the Constitution). There the Smugglers arrived, who were stopped by a sentry of the Sailors, paper who carried out during long time “the Chuqui uncle”, letting themselves bribe finally by these and allowing the step them. After reciting verses of the Contraband, the Sailors discover contrabands hidden by the Andalusians, taking place then the moment summit in which the merchandise between the spectators are distributed.




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