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HONOR PARTNERS: - D. Daniel Flor García. Appointed partner of honor in 1958 - D. Jaime Ribera Pomares. Appointed partner of honor in 1969 - D. Manuel Martínez Rocamora. Appointed partner of honor in 1979 - Provincial Small farm loan bank. Appointed partner of honor in 1981 - D. Manuel Carrascosa García. Appointed partner of honor in 1989 - D. Crescencio Azorín Fernández. Named partner of honor in 2007.

HEAD OFFICE: Place Sta. Maria, n.º 14



OFFICIAL BAND: Musical society “San Francisco de Paula” (Bolbaite).

OWN MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS: - Panchana and its Maseros (Manuel Carrascosa) - 75 Anniversary Puppet of Farmers (Gaspar Ángel Tortosa Urrea) - the Maseros de Villena (Antonio Milán Juan) - Masero, Masero (Antonio Milán Juan) - Asensio Navarro (Antonio Milán Juan) - last of fi (the Fco. Marcos Carbonell Argente) - Captain Beneito (Antonio Zamora Úbeda) - Farmers (Fco. Esteve Pastor) - Villena of my loves (Fco. Solbes) - the J of the Harvesters (Antonio Freís Muñoz) - the Russians of Villena (Pedro Joaquín Francés) - Óscar Díaz Valdés (Francisco Baenas).

SPECIAL SQUARES: - It squares Villagers. Founded in 2001 - Square of Harvesters. Founded in 1966 - Square of Harvesters. The Green ones appear comprising of the allegorical group with the Harvesters in 1968 - Square. Founded in 1964. They leave at the entrance year 1965 for the first time.
The puppet of Farmers is based on 1926 by the Moor the new Pedro Galipienzo, as a result of a social gathering maintained next to Joaquín Oliva Ruescas in the bar that had the place the Mallows “Perico the coffee one”, infected by the good one for were the homonymous puppet of Alcoi. The maseros as they are known popularly, marched past for the first time at the entrance of 1927, having tried weeks before in the era of the “lancer” the step to follow in the parades.

The suits were rented at first in Alcoi and Wall. The first year already a float removed, and, marking traditions from the first moment, passed the celebrations gazpachá” in the Sanctuary of the Virtues was celebrated “, act that has perpetuated until now, and to that all the villenenses puppets were added later. Mythical Cabo was José López “Panchana”, who gave title to the pasodoble dedicated to the puppet by M. Carrascosa, “Panchana and its maseros”. In 1928 already it was end, and of 1949 to 1963, president.

In 1939, when starting again itself the celebrations, it had of the 25 to 30 farmers, taking place first associated takeoff of at the time of the presidency of “Panchana”, in which the change of suit took place, being replaced, among other things, zaragüelles by the long velveteen trousers. As of 1980 the massification intensifies, bending in a few years the number of partners.
Together with viscerally the traditions and the Employer of Villena, the Virgin of the Virtues, the maseros have been characterized from the appearance of the new acts in the Fifties, by their commendable work in all the parades and offerings.



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