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The present Meeting of the Virgin is not but the resultant of which fundo as a result of the Confiscation of Mendizábal, and which I am created with the purpose of to take care of and to replace the attentions of Sanctuary, work which they realised the friars until this date, but this one Meeting has not been other people's at any moment, of life policeman, and their ups and downs, as thus it is demonstrated throughout his existence, have been in force of different ways, although the first Together one as soon as a year lasted because it was dissolved by the City council by the inefficiency of his management, but a month later in May of 1840 a new called Meeting is created Mixed formed by two councillors and by four people of outside the City council and that would follow with the same bases that the previous Meeting, reserving to the City council the right of Patronazgo, what was the one to appoint chaplain and To move Santa Imagen; This Meeting that popularly called Together of the Virgin is the one who has arrived to the present time.

Years later in 1931 and following a proposal by the Constitutional Mayor the Association of Ntra is created. Mrs Mª of the Virtues that prescribed constituted in 1933 and was registered in Government Civil to effect of law of Associations 27 of April of 1934, that is the one that at the moment continues naming before its associates the Meeting of the Virgin, who is as popularly she is known the directive of this Association, that was erected Canonically in Parish of Santiago by Exc. and Rdmo. Mr. Obispo of the Diocese the 17 of August of 1946 approving the regulation that later and following a proposal by the General Meeting was reformed the 25 of April of 1953, being this last regulation, the one that it consists in the Municipal File, and that was in force until 1979, in that new statutes were made, and that later when lacking these the corresponding governmental authorization, auque if they had the ecclesiastical approval, is reason why in 2002 some are made new statutes, which they have the corresponding approvals, ecclesiastics, and governmental, that is to say from these last Meeting of the Virgin account with capacity and legal personality, being able to act in name own, with the respect and the observance to the religious canons, and civilians.




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