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To 11 at night.

Concert of the Pasodobles in the place of Santiago. Concert with sound equipment of the place and images of the puppets to the interpretation of the chosen composition. They will attend the positions of the puppets. Later a celebration in the Festero Patio will be organized.



To 10 in the morning.

Announcing Pasacalles of the Celebrations. Exit from the Place of Santiago, Ramon and Cajal, Juan Chaumel, Navarrese Santa Fe, Avenue Constitution, San Cristóbal, Menéndez Pelayo, Teacher Chanza, Canovas of Castillo, Luciano López Ferrer, San Francisco, Trinidad, Of Trinidad, Place of the Mallows, Congregation, Place of the Roll, New, Bihar Place, Castalla, Onil, Third Apple, the Boulevard, Place Brother Sanchez Griñan, Santa Maria Place, Lieutenant Hernández Menor, and Place of Santiago, finalized the act will roll the flags and the National anthem will be touched.

To 11 in the morning. In the Ntra Sanctuary. Mrs Of the Virtues, Holy mass. Next, lowered of the Sacred Image of the dressing room, being walked by the cloister of the Church by the attending ladies and young ladies who therefore wish it.

To 5 in the afternoon.

Holy mass in the Sanctuary.

Celebrated by the priest Parish priest of the Sanctuary of Ntra. Mrs María of the Virtues, and sung by the voices of the choir of the Sanctuary.

To 6 in the afternoon.

Pilgrimage of the Sacred Image of Our Employer

Exit in PILGRIMAGE, accompanying to the Virgin Santísima, Maria of the Virtues to Villena. The club pigeon “Salvatierra”, it will come when coming out to the release of doves of the Sacred Image by the portalada one of the Sanctuary, accompanied with safe by ARQUEBUS FACTORY by the components of the Group of Arcabuceros of the Puppet of Pirates. To its arrival to the Hermitage of Saint Barthélemy, a rest for the traditional afternoon snack will take place, continuing later in the direction of Villena. When arriving the image of the Virgin at the María Auxiliadora Place, Banda de Música Municipal de Villena will interpret the National anthem. Then, a fireworks apotheosis will be shot and taken to end the ignition of the special illumination of celebrations, at the same time as the Captains of the Puppets will fire arquebus factory and the flags of the puppets will be rolled by their lieutenants.

The Sacred Image will remain in the Church of the La Sallian Parents, until carrying out its exit next to the arcabuceros of the different puppets, festeros authorities, positions, bands and rosemaries, from the María Auxiliadora Place, by Avenues Constitution, Joaquín María López, Luciano López Ferrer, Isabel La Católica, Trinidad, Of Trinidad, Place of the Mallows, Congregation, Track, Captain López Tarruella and Plaza of Santiago, where the Employer will enter by the fore door (Marqués de Villores street) and will show to the Place of Santiago by the lateral door while the flags on the part of the lieutenants of the puppets will be rolled, while they are realised safe of arquebus factory. Again introduced in the temple the Hymn of Welcome will be sung, while it rises to the throne, from where it will preside over all the religious and festive acts. During the route, the Image will visit the Churches of the Asylum of Old and the Of Trinidad Nuns.

From that day at night our employer the Virgin Maria of the Virtues, will be presiding over from its throne all the acts that are celebrated in the Arcipestral Church of Santiago Apóstol.

The Church will remain open as of this day in schedule:

Mornings: of 8:00 to 13:30 hours.

Afternoons: of 17:00 to 23:00 hours.




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