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To 8,30 in the morning. The acts of cult with the Holy mass would begin.

To 12 in the morning. From the main balcony of the M.I. City council of Villena will be pronounced the PREGÓN OF CELEBRATIONS. Next, the national pavilion in the balcony of the city council to the chords of the National anthem will be hoisted, interpreted by Our Distinguished Banda de Música de Villena, while traca goes off great. Next, to the compasses of Banda Municipal, Hymn “VILLENA FESTERA” will be sung.

Finalized this act, it will give to beginning the CELEBRATION OF the PASODOBLE, that the Councilwomen with Banda de Municipal de Música de Villena will initiate, followed by the bands of all the puppets properly uniformed and headed, each of them, with the respective Captains and Lieutenants, majors and infantile, with flag and band and uniformed with the official suit, and Las Madrinas of his puppets with the suit of villenera of summer.

The route will be the following one: Place of Santiago, Ramon and Cajal, Joaquín María López, Track, Place of the Roll, finalizing in the beginning of the New Street.

To 4 in the afternoon.


The New parade will begin on the street, intersection with the Avenue of Elche, by Distinguished Banda Municipal de Música de Villena. Next, the puppets of Bando Moro will march past, followed by those of Bando Cristiano, all by the traditional order. It will open to this Bando el Embajador Moro and his courtship, accompanied by the puppet of Old Moors. The parade will finish in the Avenue Constitution, in intersections with the streets Colonel Selva and San Isidro. The official bands that will participate with each one of the puppets of both sides will be the following:
- Old Moors - Sdad. Cultural and Musical “Virgin of Snows” of Reels
- New Moors - Musical Group the Rosales de Bolbaite
- Bando Marroquí - Musical Union Villanueva de Castellón
- Realistic Moors - Musical Group Adlibitum de Albatera
- Nazaríes Moors - Musical Union of Bélgida
- Berber Moors - Sdad. Primitive musical comedy of Palomar
- Pirates - Musical Union Valladina de Vallada
- Students - Instructive Society Musical Union of Beniganin
- Marinos Corsarios - Musical Union of Harmony of Montroy
- Andalusians - Musical Protective Society of Antella
- Farmers - Musical Society San Francisco de Paula de Bolbaite
- Crossbowmen - Musical Group Santa Cecilia-la Canal de Bolbaite
- Almogávares - Musical Grouping Santa Bárbara de Bolbaite
- Christians - Virgin Musical Union of Gracia de Chella

The floats will be located in the environs of the Rulda street, according to puppets, from where they will be gotten up to the parade. The mounts and vehicles of traction animal will get up to the parade from the street the Thread.
The Councilwomen and their Cortes de Honor will close the act. Finished the Entrance, verbenas in the sites will be celebrated customary.

From the 6 in the afternoon, the lateral door of the Church of Santiago Apóstol will be opened, so that the faithfuls who wish it, can visit our Employer. The Church will remain open until the 1 of the dawn.