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Embassy of the Moor to the Christian (2008) E-mail
Day 6 of September the embassy is made of Moro al Cristiano. Representing the moment at which Islam seized of the Iberian Peninsula.

In this 1º part both sides is directed from the Patio of the Festero to the castle of Villena by different ways.

In this video the ambassador Moor salutes to the Christian watch and solicits that the Gentleman of the castle appears to initiate his embassy.
In this 2º part I leave several fragments you of embassy where both ambassadors shine their verb with I devise and fierceness, deciding finally that they are the arms and not them words those that decide the fight. 
In 3º part and after failing the embassy begins the combat, represented by safe of arquebuses.

While the sky is struck by the furious powder impacts. Members of the puppet of Old Moors slide until the entrance of Castillo placing a called portrait “the Mahoma”. In order to represent that the side Moor has taken the castle. This portrait will remain in Castillo until the 8 of September moment at which the Christians reclaimed the castle.

After the combat the capitulation act is read that according to I have been having understood is based on a document found for years in Egypt and that made an historical reference to the surrender of several cities visigodas between which was Villena. 
Author of the video: The Sand Chronicler