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Hymn - festero Pasodoble “Villena Festera”. Letter of Joaquín Navarro and music of Fernando Ugeda.


 It sounds the Entrance already
and to the spell of its notes
it forms and without delay
Christian Escuadra and Mora

It divides to the troops Single-breasted uniform jacket
of the Losilla without pair
filling all the streets
until the Inner door without equal

Villeneros and Villeneras
your arms to grasp
that there is to flood of joy
from Castillo to the Rabal

 Glad we sing
to our Brown Virgin
saying to all hours
day 4 that outside

Diana comes glad
waking up to the City
in order to sing very happy

Villeneros and Villeneras
You burst already of joy
so that the celebrations have arrived
and it is time to enjoy

And it is time to enjoy