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To 7,30 in the morning.

MORNING CALL by all the puppets with its bands. It will open to the parade the Puppet of Old Moors, following the others in the traditional order.

Home in the Place of Santiago, Ramon and Cajal, Joaquin Mª Lopez and Corredera; rest, by the habitual route.

To 7,30 in the morning.

Home of the acts of cult with the Holy mass. Masses (8.00-9.00).

To 10,30 in the morning.

In the Arcedianal church of Santiago, SOLEMN HOLY MASS IN HONOR TO OUR EMPLOYER, that will count on the participation of the Orfeón Ambrosio Cotes de Villena. They will attend Authorities, Together Power station of Celebrations, Together of the Virgin, Puppets and Festeros Positions. It will be presided and celebrated by the Exc. and Rvdmo Mr. D. Jesús Murgui Soriano, Bishop of the Diocese of Orihuela-Alicante. Safe and the rotation of flags will go in charge of the arcabuceros of both Sides accompanied by the Banda de Música of the puppet of Old Moors.

To 12,15 in the morning:

GUERRILLA AND EMBASSY OF THE CHRISTIAN TO THE MOOR. She would be realised with the same order that the one of DAY 6, interchanging the routes of Bando Moro with the one of the Christian. Bando Cristiano opens to the Puppet of Marinos Corsarios, closing it the Puppets to it of Christians and Students, jointly, after to have celebrated its Pact of Alliance. Thus the same time, and after occupying Castillo Bando Cristiano once finalized the Embassy, will be made delivery of the portrait from the Mahoma to the town of Bihar in the people of its representatives, who participated in the goodbye retinue. Once finalized the act, Bando Cristiano would greet with firings of arquebus factory to the passage of him Portrait of the Mahoma, representative of the Bando Moro, who will be transferred by the members of the Puppet of Old Moors and accompanied in the parade by the band the Puppet by Bando Marroquí. The order lowered exit would initiate it the Portrait of the Mahoma, Ambassador and Puppet of Old Moors the rest in the Traditional order.

To 6 in the afternoon.

Representation of the CONVERSION OF the MOOR TO the CHRISTIANITY in the Greater Altar of the Arciprestal Church of Santiago.



With the Sacred Image of the Virgin Maria of the Virtues that preceded by all the Puppets, it will be presided by the Local Authorities, Together Power station of Celebrations, Meeting of the Virgin, Presidents, Councilwomen and Clergy, doing the following route: they would enter forming the Puppets by the lateral door of the Church of Santiago to leave on the street by main Marques de Villores and following by the Parish priest Azorin, Ramon and Cajal and Puerta Almansa to continue as usual, to finish Lieutenant Hernández Menor on the street, once finished the stroll of the Virgin in the Place of Santiago, arquebus factory firings will be realised and the flags of all the puppets by the lieutenants to the chords of the National anthem would be rolled. When raising the throne the virgin would sing by the Parochial Choir Gregorian Popular Salve.

Next they will give to beginning the verbenas in the sites customary.