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To 7,30 in the morning.

MORNING CALL by all the puppets, initiating the parade the one of Christians and following by inverted order traditional the all the others. Home in Place of Santiago, Ramon and Cajal, Joaquin Mª Lopez and Corredera rest by the habitual route, and with an interval of five minutes between puppet and puppet.

The acts of cult with the Holy mass will begin. (Masses: 8.00-9.00 in the morning).

To 11 in the morning.

In the Arcedianal Church of Santiago, HOLY MASS DEDICATED TO the PATIENTS who will count on the participation of Coral de Antonio Milán Juan and will be celebrated by Reverend D. Efrén Mira Pina, Parish priest of the Church of Santa María de Villena. Safe and the rotation of flags when raising to God, will be in charge of the Bando Cristiano, accompanied by the Banda de Música of the Puppet of Crossbowmen.

To 12 in the morning.

IT OFFERS UP to the Employer of the City of Villena, Ntra. Mrs María of the Virtues, and presentation of infants by the different puppets, marching past in them its respective Godmothers Infantile Majors and Bands, following Greater and Infantile the Central Meeting of Celebrations, Councilwomen, Municipal Corporation and Banda de Música de Villena. The route will begin in Avenue Constitution, intersection with the streets San Isidro and Colonel Selva; it will cross the Avenue Constitution, Joaquín María López, Track, Captain López Tarruella, Marqués de Villores, entering the Church of Santiago by the fore door and leaving by the lateral one to the Place of Santiago. In this act they will appear, to the Employer of Villena, the children of up to three years participant in the offering.

To 6,30 in the afternoon.

Representation of the CONTRABAND by the Puppet of Andalusians, preceded of safe of arquebus factory leaving the environs of the Maria Auxiliadora Place, following by the Avenue Constitution, Joaquín Maria López and Corredera, finalizing in the Place of the Roll. The representation of the parliament will take place around the Elda street.

To 7,30 in the afternoon: Santo Rosario.

To 8,00 Eucharist, where the Parochial choir of Santiago and Santa Maria will sing.
Celebrant: Rvdo. Mr. D. Juan Carlos García Domene, diocesan delegate of education in the diocese of Murcia.

To 10 at night.

RETREAT by all the Puppets and their respective bands. Each Puppet will go preceded of the traditional lamppost. The itinerary will on the street begin New, intersection with Avenue of Elche, finishing in the Avenue Constitution, intersection with the María Auxiliadora Place.

To 12 at night.

Concert Sacrum in charge of the Orfeón Ambrosio Cotes de Villena in the Church of Santiago.

To the 1 of the dawn.

In the Place of Santiago, in which the Banda de Música of the puppet of Berber Moors and Coral Ambrosio Cotes de Villena, the Morainic one” at the moment will interpret the pasodoble “at which the sacred image makes its appearance in the lateral door of the temple, carried by the Puppet of Berber Moors. At the same time, the lieutenants will roll the flags.

To 1,30 of the dawn.

GREAT the FIREWORKS CASTILLO that will be shot from the Castillo of the Watchtower. Finalized this castle they will give to beginning the verbenas in the sites customary.