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To 7 in the morning.

Home of the PILGRIMAGE OF GOODBYE of the Sacred Maria Image of the Virtues that will be preceded by the arcabuceros of all the puppets, from Old Moors to Christians. To his conclusion, they will leave all the puppets with his respective Bands, by the streets Captain López Tarruella, Track, Luciano López Ferrer, Cánovas of Castillo, Cristóbal Amorós, Gil Osorio, to finalize in the passage concerning the highway of Yecla, where Our Morainic one will be dismissed the chords of the National anthem. While, the puppets will fire arquebus factory and will roll their flags. Finalized the goodbye, Banda Municipal de Música de Villena, it will accompany to the clergy and authorities until the Place by Santiago while the puppets return to their quarters.

Masses (8.00-8.30). To the conclusion, the Sacred Image will be transferred in Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary, where, to his arrival, it will be received with safe from arquebus factory on the part of the Puppet of Pirates and a rain of flowers, being celebrated, next, the Holy mass, during who the Conversion of Moro al Cristianismo will be repeated. In the course of the mass, the Puppet of Pirates will realise again safe.


To 5 in the afternoon.

ENTRANCE OF NEW CAPTAINS, LIEUTENANTS AND GODMOTHERS, Would begin the parade in the Avenue Constitution, intersections with streets Colonel Selva and San Isidro, marching past until the principle of the Street New intersection street the thread, the puppets that enter Place of Santiago will raise by the Street the Thread. In outstanding place of each puppet the Captains would march past, Lieutenants and salient Godmothers, accompanied by which will be New Captains, Lieutenants and Godmothers.

Once finished the parade and in the Place of Santiago from the balconies of the House of the Festero one will occur to know the names the New Positions and from the balcony of the City council one will occur to know the New Councilwomen.

Next from the House of the Festero, the Act of Prizes granted by the activities during the celebrated celebrations will be read. At the end of this act, in the Place of Santiago, they will sound to the compositions “the Morainic one”, and “the Hymn to Villena”, that they will give by finalized the Celebrations of Moors and Christians in Honor of Ntra. Mrs. The Virgin Maria of the Virtues.