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1. - One communicates that the Puppet of Students, collaborates with the Central Meeting of Celebrations of Moors and Christians in the accomplishment of the rotation of flags on the part of Infantile Lieutenants of each Puppet, that takes place day 6 finalized the MASS OF YOUTH.

2. - The Safe ones of the Puppets of day 6 will be realised on the 10:15 hours, those of the day 7 on the 11:15 hours and those of day 8 will be realised on the 10:45 hours in the morning approximately. Day 7 to the 20:30 approximately and before Cena of the Sardine the Puppet of Students will realise the safe ones of arquebus factory by the deceased of the Puppet.
3. - When finalizing the arquebus factory acts, the arcabuceros return in formation with Banda de Música to the head office of the Puppet and will be able to realise safe of arquebus factory to come to the entrance of the Flag.

4. - The Central Meeting of Celebrations also recognizes as official acts the safe ones of arquebus factory that take place in the Municipal Cemetery, on the occasion of the Masses Celebrated in this place, by the different Puppets.

5. - The Meeting of the Virgin invites to the Ladies and Young ladies, to that, they attend day 31 of August the Mass that will in the morning be celebrated in the Sanctuary to the 11:00 hours and particularly the “STROLL” that they give the women him to the Sacred Image of the Virgin of the Virtues when lowering it of his Dressing room.

6. - The Meeting of the Virgin informs the NOVENA TO the VIRGIN will be realised from day 27 of August to 4 of September, being the TRIDUO days 6, 7 and 8 of September.

7. - The puppet of Realistic Moors the day 7 of September to the 18:30 hours, realises an afternoon snack for all partners in the environs of the Castillo of the Watchtower.

8. - The Festival of the DAY OF the SLAVERY, that organizes the Association Our Mrs Of the Virtues, would be celebrated in the Sanctuary DOMINGO 14 OF SEPTEMBER. To 12 in the morning: Holy mass, in the Sanctuary of Our Employer, with attendance of Our Authorities, Councilwomen, Central, Together Meeting of the Virgin, Godmothers, Captains and Lieutenants and town generally. Finalized the Eucharist, the Meeting of the Virgin will invite to its assistants to an honor wine.

9. - The puppet of Old Moors day 6 of September once finalized the guerrilla and the embassy, celebrates an afternoon snack in the “House of the Skittle”, located on the street Cid, 12.

10. - The Puppet of New Moors in the morning of the 6 of September, will realise the traditional Mass by the late partners in the Municipal Cemetery, the same will begin to the 9 hours.

11. - Also, the Puppet of New Moors, to the 17 hours of the 6 of September, realises the centennial “Afternoon snack - Concert in the Asylum of Old”.

12. - The 9 of September, to the conclusion of their participation in the “Parade of New Captains, Lieutenants and Godmothers”, the puppet of New Moors, will march until the Place of Santiago, place where it will outside dismiss Celebrations 2014 with the characteristic “wheel” sones of the pasodoble “four Day that” of Alberto Pardo.




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