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This Virgin Employer of the industrial town of Villena in its Sanctuary venerates, to 7 kilometers of the city. In his honor it celebrates solemn celebrations in the first fortnight of September, of national reputation, with his popular “Moors and Christians”.
The legend and history are very beautiful. Wine by the years of 1474 a devastating plague on the town and, scared, fled many from the city until a denominated water torrent “Source of the Poplar”, where they raised cabins to shelter itself.
They continued the damage of the plague and decided to choose a Landlord or Employer to trust to its intercession. In a pitcher they deposited the names of the Saints or Saints who each preferred according to its devotions. They caused that a boy removed one from the names to be chosen. And I have left the name here the Virgin of the Virtues, that nobody had written. One repeated two and three times and always it left that same title. Plenty of joy, chose as Employer to the Virgin of the Virtues and from that one hour already cut the plague. They ordered to two villeneros that divided for diverse towns and cities with the purpose of to acquire the image of the Employer. They only took walked some meters when they saw that two young people approached with a coffer that inside contained an image of the Virgin. They gave it and without hardly crossing word they disappeared those two young people. As gratitude, Villena made two Votes to the Virgin, who turns every year in March and September.

The 25 of March of 1624 the town made the oath defend, read, teach and preach the Immaculate Conception. She was one of the first towns of Spain that did it, adelantóndose 230 years to his official definition. Year 1923 and again in 1954 was crowned canonically.

The 5 of September move in pilgrimage to the Virgin to the city and remain in her until day 9.
To the entrance of the Hermitage history and miracles built by this so loved Mother of all the Virtues take shelter in tiles.

To thus they sing him to his MORAINIC one:

You are MORAINIC beautiful, radiating sun that you flash.
You are pink tiny of beautiful fragrance…
It saves, dear Employer! of the city of Villena.
It saves, Morainic is contiguous, of grace and virtues it fills!
It saves, dear Employer!

You are Morainic beautiful,
radiating sun that flashes.
You are pink tiny
of beautiful fragrance, beautiful fragrance.
You are consolation of the sad one that its misfortune cries.
You are lenitive great
of all your bitterness, all your bitterness.
Divine face, good, sweet Mother pure, Virgin Brunette.
The song hears letter that appears with joy
of the bottom of the heart.
It saves, dear Employer. It saves, dear Employer
of the city of Villena. It saves, Morainic is contiguous
of grace and virtues it fills, of grace and virtues it fills.
It saves, dear Employer.
That with great faith we adored to you and we asked to you
you are our guide and shelter while we lived
and in addition oh! Loved mother, with devotion
today your whole town requests your blessing to you.
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